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At PGPF, we initiate and operate a multitude of projects across the world to help communities rebuild their lives after events such as war and natural calamities. Please help us to help them.

About PGPF Crowd Funding Portal

Every year it gets harder to find funds that work. Your support is greatly appreciated and all of your donation will be used to improve the lives of the people via the projects PGPF implemented. The fund is to help these war-torn countries, such as Syria, Yemen and Gaza, which are dying. Your contribution will impact their lives forever and will be put to good use to make difference in their lives. Giving will be easier if you know that your contribution will make a difference. Your contribution today will help create the foundation for the project we do.

We rely heavily on donations from people like you to sustain our Criminalising War effort. A donation to Perdana Global Peace Foundation funds will help to make sure the continuity of our effort. Your support is critical to the success of all our programmes and initiatives. Our board, staff and projects receipeints  are honoured that you want to criminalise war and energise peace.  Perdana Global Peace Foundation and its undeniable impact in the war-torn countries community projects could not exist without volunteers, support and donors like you.

We welcome donations through our crowdfunding website or by cheques.

For more information, contact our office at +603 2092 7248. We encourage you follow our progress and project updates from our perdana4peace.org website. Your contribution will help hundreds of destitute people in these war-torn countries to self-sufficiency. Last year support from donours like you, made it possible for the completion of our Gaza Kindergarten and our winter campaign.

You are our PARTNERS in this work.

All monetary donations are tax deductible.