At PGPF, we strive to change the world one project at a time. Here are all of the projects that we are working on to help various communities throughout the world. can help by sharing the stories or by donating at our crowd funding portal.


Between July 2011 and mid-2012, drought affected Somalia caused a severe food crisis. PGPF collaborated with the people and Government of Malaysia and Somalia to focus on construction of an Artesian well and refurbishment of existing wells in and around Mogadishu. We are now looking for more funds to expand on existing projects namely construction of another artesian well.


PGPF with local partners in Gaza have constructed a building to facilitate modern rehabilitation and physiotherapy needs. We are now looking to provide the center with proper equipment and create job opportunities. Funds raised will be used for construction and finishing, sports equipment, diagnosis and treatment devices and furnish the management office and kitchen.


PGPF War Disaster Fund Initiative calls for International Community to be together with PGPF to support efforts to energise peace and criminalise war. The funds are intended for non profits and community improvement of the war torn countries. Individuals and organisations are now able to make contributions that can be used to support these causes.


The plight of the Rohingya is well documented as hundreds of thousands seek refuge in foreign countries. As the issue does not seem to deescalate so does the numbers of Rohingya refugees. We are seeking contributions to help alleviate problems arising from an exodus of migration domestically and in established refugee camps for the Rohingya.

9/11 Revisited " Seeking the Truth"

Recognising the effects of 9/11 worldwide, PGPF sought to comprehend event prior to the tragedy and its global consequences. The conference took place at the Putra World Trade Centre with sessions boasting international speakers with on the ground experience and expertise.

Himpunan NGO-NGO Membantu Palestin

The conference was set out to create awareness and extrapolate issues on Palestine. It was also the aim of the conference for the parties involve supporting Palestine to cooperate and support any missions with expertise

Global Peace Efforts: What Went Wrong

Global Peace Efforts: What Went Wrong

Plight of the Rohingya (2015)

PGPF opine that the Rohingya are under constant persecution and have spiralled into a crisis situation which is in need of urgent succour. The Rohingyas have individual and overlapping needs that include legal mandates for the protection of their lives, citizenship and livelihood.

Mahathir Global Peace School 2

Tun Dr Mahathir is giving his opening speech for the Mahathir Global Peace School 2 (MGPS) at Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR), Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The t heme for the second MGPS was Global Peace and Conflict Resolution

PGPF Gaza Emergency Fund

Launching of PGPF Gaza Emergency Fund by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), 2012


International efforts in addressing the suffering of the Rohingyas – the role of NGOs and Civil Society


PGPF Dialogue Series, organised in conjunction with the War Crimes Tribunal Hearing


Mr Shimatsu talked on the dangers of a major human catastrophe waiting to happen in Japan if the global community of nuclear scientists & experts do not jointly collaborate to deal with the looming problem. If left unchecked, it will be the equivalent of 14,000 atomic bombs exploding in Fukushima.

Waqaf Water4Gaza Distribution

Waqaf Water for Gaza, Project, Gaza Strip, Palestine Perdana Global Peace Foundation launching of WAQAF, WATER FOR GAZA project on behalf of the people of Malaysia, and at the behest of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed, (fourth prime minister of Malaysia) produce and deliver 500,000 bottles of clean drinking water to the people of Gaza during this holy month of Ramadan. The water is produced in Gaza and delivered to 50 mosques, 10 hospitals, orphanages, foundations and churches across the whole of the Gaza strip.

International Conference on Gaza

Date: 11 July 2010 Location: Dewan Tun Abdul Razak 1, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Israel's blockade of Gaza has left more than 1.4 million Palestinian men, women and children trapped in the Gaza Strip, an area of land just 40 kilometres long and 9.5 kilometres wide. Mass unemployment, extreme poverty and food price rises caused by shortages have left ... See more

Mission to Gaza First Arrival, 1st June 2011

The Gaza Strip is a war-ravaged, poverty-stricken area, locked into 365 square kilometers and living under a tight illegal blockade on land, air and sea. The blockade, in addition to recurrent armed violence and conflict, today remains the principle causes of the socio-economic and psycho-social crisis in Gaza. The restrictions on movement of people and goods continue to collectively punish the civilian population, affecting every aspect of life in Gaza, undermining the local economy and threatening the enjoyment of most human rights, in clear violation of Israels legal obligations under international law.

Mission to Gaza Final Arrival, 5th June 2011

Dialogue on Palestine (2012)

PGPF Volunteers Meet (2012)

The Arab Uprising International Conference (2012)

Ramadhan Food Basket (2013)

Food Basket Project for the Palestinian during the Holy Month of Ramadhan

PGPF Club Launching

PGPF Club was officially launched by YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on 19th of January 2013 with the aim to establish chapter at states, institutes of higher learning and international levels. The Club promotes understanding and awareness on peace guided by vision and mission of PGPF. The objective of the club is to reach out to the younger generations particularly tertiary students, locally and internationally. Attaining global peace is with the belief that our future generations and grassroots need to fully understand the horrors of war.

Majlis Pelancaran Dana Tabung Gaza-Palestine oleh KDYTM Tengku Mahkota Pahang

Official Launching of Jelajah Keamanan (2012)

Perdana Global Peace Foundation, launching its Jelajah Keamanan, officiated by PGPF President, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Braille Quran Donation for Somalia

PGPF and individual donors donated 42 sets of Braille Al-Quran to the School for the Blinds in Somalia

Lone protest against Israel's attack draws attention

Mahmoud, who was one of 11 Palestinian witnesses testifying at the ongoing Kuala Lumpur War Crime Commission's hearing on Palestine, carried a placard which read, 'Why do you let the same thing to happen again in Gaza?'

Match For Hope

Malaysia VS Palestine

PGPF Regional Initiative : Yogyakarta

Perdamaian Dunia & Mengkriminalkan Perang : Suatu Inisiasi Regional

Gaza Mission Dec 2012

YB Datuk Mukhriz with the Minister of Health GAZA

Rachel Corrie Screening

Rachel : In memory of Rachel Corrie

Handala - Bring Him Home!

Efforts to bring Handala home

IIUM International Delegation Visit to PGPF

Visit by delegation from International Symposium on the contributions of Psychology to Peace

Al Zhara'a Gaza Desalination Plant

The water treatment facility is the second collaboration between PGPF and Charitable Association for Palestinian Relief constructed in efforts to provide clean water to the people of Gaza. Similar to the plant in Al Rewaa, the facility is able to treat 150,000 litres a day.

Essay Competition PGPF MajalahSains.Com

Announcement of PGPF & MajalahSains Essay Competition Winners!

Essay Competition PGPF MajalahSains.Com

Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) in collaboration with MajalahSains.Com are organising an Essay Competition with an inter-related theme of WAR IS A CRIME and SCIENCE FOR PEACE starting 15th October 2018. The competition is aligned with UNESCO’s World Science Day for Peace and Development which falls on 10 November 2018.

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