Mahathir Global Peace School 2

Objective To explore strategies in order to construct a just and peaceful world. The curricula is designed to embrace matters on violence as well as conflict resolution, e.g. war, poverty, racism, non violent initiatives for social change and peace building, social transformation and peace. Aims of school - To provide a comprehensive knowledge and focus discussion surrounding global peace and conflict resolution, including those concerning its definitional scope and its theoretical and practical relevance in a globalized world. - To explore the theoretical and practical dimensions of global peace and conflict resolution in an international context where the role of the nation-state is being subjected - to significant pressures across all regions. - To investigate the political, ethical, legal, and economic implications of global peace and its relationship to cosmopolitanism as an alternative to more traditional notions of nationalism. - To examine the role of international institutions, principally the United Nations, in promoting global peace. - To examine a range of specific issue areas—including human rights, the environment, migration, security, humanitarian intervention, and gender—through the prism of global peace and associated critiques of global peace.

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